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East Swamp & Gatorville, Steam "Link Train" 4-4-0 No. 3

Crown Locomotive 24" Gauge

The East Swamp & Gatorville (ES&G) two-foot steam train consists of a Crown locomotive and tender (currently operated on compressed air), two open passenger cars, an enclosed Parlor Car, and a "caboose" housing the air compressor which powers the train.

This train is known as the "Link Train," named after its donor, Edwin Link, who also contributed a large model of Stevenson's Rocket. Mr. Link is best known for inventing the Link Trainer, an on-the-ground flight simulator used in World War II to train military and civilian pilots. Link Trainers were also used at War Bond Drives. (One was used at a Flagler Street rally.) Steam trains were one of Edwin Link's favorite hobbies. He built a track on the grounds of his Harbor Branch Research Facility, in Ft. Pierce, Florida for this two-foot-gauge train. After Mr. Link died, his foundation donated the Link Train and part of the present track to the Museum.

The Link Train educational rides to our visitors on Saturdays and Sundays as well as during weekday school-group visits with advance notice.

Status: Operational.

Gauge: 24 inches.

Photo of Link Trainer (Not on Site)