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Serial Number: 76171

Built: September 1948

This Alco S-2 locomotive was converted to a "slug". This is a railroad term which means that it is a locomotive without a cab, and must use another locomotive to be operated. This gives an advantage to the operator as it is cheaper than buying another locomotive, and can be used to increase the horsepower of the first locomotive. This slug was originally numbered No. 71 on the RF&P roster, but was converted to No. C when it became a slug.

This slug has had parts borrowed from it for use on our other Alco locomotives. 

Left: Seen in Alexandria, Virginia on January 14th, 1972, Courtesy of

Below: Seen in Washington, DC on April 7th, 1977 as Thunderstorms approach the yard. Courtesy of

RFP 7 C Pot yd 4-77 tad






\\\\\\\\\Below: RFPCMIA52110-4

Seen in it's present state, Courtesy of