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Tom Flanary

Tom Flanary

Tom Flanary is a Director on the Board of Directors, and maintains the website for GCRM. He has been involved in GCRM as a volunteer since 2011, and has been a director since 2012. If you have comments, concerns, or questions, please contact him directly at

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Saturday, 01 December 2012 00:04

The NASA Rebuild

One of our board members, Tom Flanary, has begun work with a few other volunteers on NASA No. 1, an Alco Locomotive. Our beloved locomotive is in need of your help! We need donors of money or time, to help in this effort. The entire rebuild is expected to take approximately 1 year, with the work first starting on the steel exterior. For information on how you can donate, or if you would like to assist in this project, please contact Tom Flanary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All emails are apprieciated! Check back here for pictures and constant updates.

Friday, 30 November 2012 03:46

How to Boot a Steam Locomotive

Editor's note: I recently dug up an article written by Phil Jern, which was posted on the San Diego Railroad Museum website. Special thanks to both Phil and SDRM. Phil was a member of the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, for quite some time, and has some excellent stories and pictures from the Steam days of GCRM. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.


From the San Diego Museum:  "It is Copyright 1990 by Phil and takes place in the "bad old days" of 1982-83 at a certain unnamed railroad museum. No, it is not the San Diego Railroad Museum, but it could have been. Phil may be reached at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ."

Wednesday, 17 October 2012 01:58

Pioneer Museum's Caboose: FEC 715

The MIami Herald published a great Article about us and the Florida East Coast 715 that was recently donated to GCRM. We hope to provide a safe and secure home for FEC 715 so that it can be restored to the amazing workhorse it once was. Miami Herald's Article on FEC 715

Thursday, 11 October 2012 20:28

December Speaker of the Month

Our free speaker of the month program resumes on Saturday, December 22nd, at 1pm in the lounge car at the Museum.  We will welcome Juan L. Riera who has extensive background on Florida history topics.  His talk will be titled, “Treasures, Pirates, and Ship Wrecks of South Florida.” We are offering our Kid's Caboose Club concurrent with this event, so that you can drop your kids off and enjoy a few hours learning about Pirates.




Monday, 10 September 2012 13:04

December Newsletter

The December Edition of the Steam and Steel Newsletter is now available for your viewing. It is located under the events tab, or by clicking on this link: Steam and Steel Newsletter

Monday, 10 September 2012 13:00

Yard Slug

We are currently collecting information on our RF&P Yard Slug #C. It was a 1948 Alco S-2 that was converted to a yard slug. If you have any pictures, history, or wish to help us refurbish this slug or any other of our lcoomotives, please email us:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RFP7-720114Potomac Yard

Monday, 03 September 2012 13:46

Ferdinand Magellan Grant



The first phase of restoration on the presidential railcar Ferdinand Magellan is now underway thanks to the National Railroad Historical Society (NRHS). We really appreciate our recent
 grant award from NRHS to assist with painting and upholstery work. An interior restoration has long been overdue for this valuable railcar.  Visitors are now seeing historically appropriate upgrades to the car’s interior.

In the last three weeks painting has begun on the presidential stateroom, presidential bathroom and first lady’s room.  Prior to painting, paint chips were removed from underneath fixtures or on the insides of closets to attain the original color used in the rooms. Then, those paint chips were scanned on a computer and the pigment adjusted for the age and natural fading to attain a paint mixture that would be completely accurate to the original paints used.

The painting has been going very slowly because the walls are so cracked from age and scared from years of mildew buildup.  Thus, a great deal of preparation, repair and priming were necessary. Amazingly, the walls were still stained with coal dust residue from over sixty years ago.  There were also a large number of miscellaneous fixtures which had to be removed for painting as detailing around them simply was not practical.  


 It has been very interesting to be working in those rooms.  There is an overwhelming sense of history as one spends time in those spaces. For example, it is amazing at how many specialized handles and inventive detachable railings that still exist in those areas which had been installed years ago for President Roosevelt to facilitate his disability.  All of those many handles and railings have to be removed before painting, then cleaned and finally reinstalled.


While the painting is going on we are finalizing bids for the upholstery work and some minor carpet replacements as well as designing some protective runners.


 The Museum also thanks board member and volunteer David McFadden for installing plexiglass panels over the openings of the staterooms.  These panels allow visitors to view the interior of the rooms without damage to their historical furnishings. 



Saturday, 01 September 2012 02:50

Winston Co. No. 48

 Alco (Cooke) Winston Co. No. 48 0-4-0T


1- DSC0007-001

This locomotive was built as a 3 foot gauge locomotive in 1922 by Alco (Cooke) locomotives for the Winston Company based in Edgefield, SC. This company is believed to be the Winston Arm's company, but that cannot be confirmed. It stayed with the Winston Company for approximately 12 years, when in 1934 it was sold to a Locomotive dealership. After that, it was then again sold to Bona-Allen, Inc (1935) and the Georgia Lumber Company (Date Unknown). At the Georgia Lumber Company, it was renumbered to Locomotive No. 22, which it kept for the ramainder of it's career. Not much is known about the specific history of the Winston Company's No. 48 locomotive, except through previous accounts of the locomotive being used. One contributor wrote to GCRM and sent us a picture of him as a boy next to the No. 48 as it was working at the Daniel Boone Railway (1969-1983).   

 Additionally, an individual named Duane Butner commented on another page for the Winston Co. No. 48, and in which he stated, "You might also find it interesting to know that the lettering on the train was painted by an Apache Indian named “Apache Joe”. He painted most of all of the rides and signs for Mr. Freeland years ago. It was told to me that he also came from Arizona and when Apache Joe was nine years old he witnessed the US Army escorting Geronimo through the reservation when he was a small boy... Once there was an incident when the train engineer Mr. Warren Hall, who has since passed away was driving the train when he forgot to put water in the steam engine boiler. He had to stop the train and the conductor who was a man by the name of Delmar Tudor had to tell everyone to evacuate the train, or as he said “it’s going to blow up!” Needless to say, everyone ran screaming away from the engine. Fortunately the train did not blow up as Mr. Hall stayed with the engine and cooled down the boiler as to prevent the fire department from putting any water on the hot engine.
That was just one story I recall about this railroad." -Duane Butner






Alco (Cooke)

Build Date:


Construction No.:


Empty Weight:


Weight on Drivers:


Driver Diameter:


Tractive Effort:


Boiler Pressure:













Built For:

The Winston Co. #48 at Edgefield, SC



Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co. (dealer)



Bona-Allen, Inc. at Buford, GA



Georgia Lumber Co. #22



Lake Lure Scenic Railroad #22 at Lake Lure, NC



Daniel Boone Railroad #22 at Hillsborough, NC



James Wells at Fairfax, VA

2- DSC0012











Monday, 30 July 2012 11:35


Monday, 30 July 2012 11:24

New Volunteer, David Oliva

davidThe Gold Coast Railroad Museum welcomes David Oliva to our volunteer force. David has worked at our museum for several months now and has done an outstanding job.