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Tuesday, 12 June 2012 17:28

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad (ACL) Observation Bar Lounge #254

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ACL #254 Bar Lounge Car









This is a blunt-end observation, bar lounge built by the Budd Company for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. The car was delivered in January 1940 (pre WWII) and is of stainless steel construction.

ACL #254 was one of three rear-end cars for the "Tamiami Champion" streamliner. The train never operated. When delivered, the car was assigned to East Coast (Miami) or West Coast (Tampa) "Champion" Service. It originally contained a 57-seat lounge, reduced to 52 seats by Amtrak.

A diaphragm was in place, as built, on the rear of the car so that other sections of the "Champion" could be joined together north of Jacksonville, Florida.

This car is available to rent for meetings, lectures, weddings, and other gatherings. Please contact the Museum for more information.




Type: Blunt-end observation, bar lounge.

Built: 1941.

Status: Open, On display, Operational.

Acquisition Date: June 2003.


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