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Tuesday, 12 June 2012 17:26

Seaboard Air Line (SAL) Parlor-Tavern #6300

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Seaboard Air Line (SAL) Parlor-Tavern #6300

This stainless steel car was built in 1939 by the Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Company for the Seaboard Air Line Railroad. It was part of the original seven car streamlined Silver Meteor, operating between New York City and Florida. #6300 was built as a coach-tavern-hostess bedroom car. The bedroom, located between the parlor section and the bar, was "home" for the train hostess, who was also a registered nurse, providing on-board medical capability for passengers and crew during the journey to Florida.

In later years, this car served on other Seaboard Air Line trains such as the Silver Star and the Silver Comet, between New York City and the South. This car represents the third year of Budd's innovative stainless steel passenger car production, which continued at the Red Lion Avenue plant in Philadelphia for over forty-five years more.

The Atlantic Coast Line and rival Seaboard Air Line were eventually merged into the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad. 6300 became car number 6410 on The Seaboard Coast Line in 1968. It was sold to Amtrak in 1971 becoming car number 3810. It was purchased by Allegheny Rail Express in 1984. It was then sold to Village Rail Excursions followed by a sale to the BNC museum then finally sold to GNA, Inc. in 1993, who converted it into a table car. The car was purchased at auction by a private owner in November 1995 and leased to the Northern Central Railway, where it was used from 1996 until 2000. It was then operated on the Indian Head Central Railway until 2001.

The Gold Coast Railroad Museum acquired the car in June 2003.

This car is available to rent for meetings, lectures, weddings, and other gatherings. Please contact the Museum for more information.


Type: Parlor-Tavern
Built: 1939
Status: Open, On display, Operational
Acquisition Date: June 2003

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