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Tuesday, 12 June 2012 17:23

U.S. Army Hospital Car #89436

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U.S. Army Hospital Car #89436

In this photo, the car is arriving at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum, front gate, on a five axle, low-boy trailer, pulled by a "triple-screw" semi-tractor. The overall length of just the trailer was 97 feet (29,57 m). As a result, the unit moved as a "permit load" which means it could only travel during daylight hours, on week days only (no holidays or weekends).

The rig made for an interesting sight, as most motorists are not used to seeing a railroad car moving along a highway!

In this photo, the trucks had already been placed on the track, in position to receive the car. Two 120 ton (108.862,170 Kilo), hydraulic, truck cranes, built in Germany, have moved into position and have hoisted the hospital car off the transport trailer. The trailer was driven out from under the car body and the car will be set onto cribbing which will be set-up immediately next to the track.

A second hoist began and the car was slowly "boomed-out" over the area adjacent to the track where the cribbing will be placed.

This is was part of a U.S. Government 100 car order (USA 89400 - USA 89499); used as a transportation vehicle to move military patients between medical facilities.

The car was declared surplus in 1969. In the late 1980's it was acquired through the State of Florida Federal Surplus Program.

This car was partially restored to its "Original Use" appearance in 2002 by the National Park Service and returned to the Gold Coast Railroad Museum for display.


Type: Hospital car, open bunks, kitchen, medical facilities.
Built: 1945 by the American Car & Foundry Co.
Status: Open, On display.






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